Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Madness: Dexter, Weather, Weekend

Happy Monday everybody.

For me, as well as anyone else in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, it's been a difficult weekend this week provides little relief. I'm referring, of course, to the weather.

Yes, it's Fall, which for some reason suddenly brought about 100+ degree weather. Literally. It's going to reach 101 at the fucking beach today! Stupid global warming or whatever is responsible for this.When this time of year rolls around, I want weather in 60's and 70's, not sweltering heat.

Anyways, aside from thanking Jesus/Allah/Buddha all weekend for Central Air, I relaxed, which I know is the cliche way of saying I was lazy and did jack-shit all weekend, but seriously, I did relax. I've been incredibly busy the past few weeks and have had little time to do little, so it was nice to just watch football, play PS3 and veg out (in-between trips to the gym of course).

This weekend also brought about the return of an obsession:


This is easily one of my favorite shows ever (next to Three's Company, Saved by the Bell and The Simpsons), and the premier episode of season 5 last night absolutely did not disappoint. Last season ended on an extremely down note, and that mood picked up right where it left off. It was incredibly sad to see the mood of every character just devastated, while Dexter is trying to deal with showing his feelings, something he has never been able to do, being almost robotic most of the time. I can already tell that this is going to be a great season. Sunday nights just got even better.

Have a great day and try to stay cool!


LindseyLove said...

LOVE Dexter! Hubby and I just finished season 4 last week. He got me hooked!

Maritza said...

Oh holy crap Kevin it's as hot as hell here in Fountain Valley. Not even funny. Fall my arse! Thank goodness for AC.

bananas. said...

i am LOVING the cali fall heat! granted i have an AC so i don't really experience it at all...but still! friggen LOVE IT!!!

i missed dex last night. i was too busy watching an even better show...eastbound & down fool!!!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

A lot of my friends watch Dexter but I never have... sounds good though!

And I can't believe how hot it is in California... that's insane for this time of year! I would take it over this cold rain we've been having in Ohio though

Brittany said...


You know what would be a great way to get away from the heat?

Ohhh its a little thing I like to call...

getting on a plain with your gf to fly to Minnesota to visit your BG!


good. I thought so!

Now... on to important matters.


Hope you had a great day!!