Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee, a staple here in America, is the perfect after-dinner weekend drink. Not only will it sustain the buzz from your dinner drinks, but the caffeine helps to energize you for the night ahead.

In 1940's Ireland, the coffee was conceived by Irish Chef Joseph Sheridan after a group of American passengers disembarked from a Pan Am Flying Boat on a miserable winter evening in the 1940s. Sheridan added Whiskey to Warm the passengers. When the passengers asked if they were being served Brazilian Coffee, Sheridan remarked that they were drinking Irish Coffee and a cocktail was born.

The Irish Coffee is unique in the sense that there is no need for milk, sugar or whipped topping, as the cream liqueur does the job of all three.

1 and a half Ounces Irish Whiskey (Jameson is a favorite)
1/2 Ounce of Irish Cream (Bailey's, of course)
Coffee to fill (Use your own taste here. I prefer hazelnut)

Pour Whiskey into a coffee mug. Add coffee, top with Irish Cream and stir.For fancier occasions, a stout wine glass will do. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wacky Wednesday: The Rent is Too Damn High....

Happy Wednesday everyone.

It's especially happy for me because I get Friday off this week, so it feels more like Thursday.

Anyways, on to the videos!

Between Two Ferns...

I wish I lived in NY so I could vote for this guy....

Next big fad: People going to the Dentist to get high...

She's such a moron, but this is a catchy song.

For the 10-year old in me....

Our favorite candidate in Tennessee is back...

And of course, This Week in Unnecessary Censorship...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas....

Hello All.

So I'm trying to decide what my costume will be for this year, but am currently stumped. I usually try to go with funny, but I also wouldn't mind just an awesome looking costume.

Here are my current top three:

Jabba the Hutt

 King Leonidas

 Free Mammogram Machine

This would be a very cool costume as I am kind of a Star Wars nerd, but I'm not nearly fat enough. 

I've been wanting to be this character, but I don't want to use the fake body suit. Problem is, I'm about a month away from being able to pull this off with my own body. Stupid slow gym process...

Mammogram Machine
I can't think of any cons with this one.

Any ideas? Votes? Suggestions?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Malaise

I am so freaking tired.

But I'm off on Friday, so it's cool.

Some quick updates:

- I'm going to be moving pretty soon, so there might be a few days where there is no update in the coming weeks.

- I went to the USC Football game this past Saturday with my buddy Scott and had an awesome time. They were up 42-0 on Berkley at halftime, which was awesome because those Nor Cal fans like to talk shit (Sorry Bananas).

- The Chargers officially blow. That's all.

- Had a decent time at my college homecoming this weekend. Can't believe I graduated 5 freaking years ago!

Ok so now on to my mini-rant.

Here in California, we're in the midst of a Gubernatorial election cycle.The Governator is termed-out (thank god) and the man who I think would make possibly the greatest governor ever, Gavin Newsom, is only running for Lieutenant Governor. This leaves us with Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman.

Jerry Brown is a former Governor who is running again after being elected to nearly every office in California at some point. He's incredibly honest, even sometimes to his own detriment, and definitely a dying breed among politicians. He lives very modestly and is an advocate for the little guy, however, has a penchant for taxing in order to help pay for things.

Meg Whitman is the former CEO of eBay, which she makes sure to point out every 5 seconds as though that qualifies her for the highest office in the state. She keeps touting this amazing "plan" to balance the budget, which strangely resembles every other failed Republican economic plan ever.

Still, everyone, including Whitman herself, keeps pointing out that because she successfully ran a corporation, she will be able to do an amazing job as Governor. I'm not quite sure when this happened, but at some point people started assuming that if someone successfully runs a company, they will transfer that over to the political arena with the same results. Outside of Michael Bloomberg, it's absolute bullshit.

There's a reason that an MBA is different from an MPA (Masters in Public Administration). Politics and business are different in many ways, but i'll give you the key component: people.

A business needs people to operate, however, people can be let go or leave. A business chases a bottom line which makes the owners and top-level people richer. When a government operates in this fashion, you end up with recession, poverty and, eventually, revolution. A government can't just let people go, and in America, rarely are people leaving for a rival country. China isn't sitting there offering Americans a better salary or benefits to come to their country. When the top-level people in the country are becoming richer thanks to the government, everyone else tends to get poorer. A business model is not acceptable for a government.

As Governor, your primary duty is to make sure the people in your state have the opportunity to obtain gainful employment, and if not, are able to receive unemployment or other benefits until they return to the workforce, thereby preventing homelessness.

You have to care about people and work diligently towards improving their lot in life, not making money and getting richer. Until Meg Whitman and people like her understand this, her and those like her, will continue to fail.