Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11 Tributes and NBC's Huge Fail

Every September 11, those of us who were conscious and understanding of world events back in 2001, commemorate the anniversary of the most devastating civilian attack on American soil in history. We hold tributes, we honor the victims, we honor the heroes and we all remind ourselves with the two-word phrase, "Never Forget".

This morning was no different. President Obama gave a beautiful speech at Ground Zero at the time the first plane struck the towers and news media all around took a break from their normal schedule to air it. News media, that is, except for NBC.

NBC, deciding they couldn't be bothered with a speech from the president, instead aired an interview with Kris Jenner, the deplorable mother of the deplorable one-hit wonder porn star Kim Kardashian, discussing her new breast implants.

(Pictured Below: Insufferable piece of shit)


This revered family of useless wastes of space were given air time over the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES giving a speech in remembrance of the 9/11 victims?? And this is yet another example of how our journalists, who used to boast the likes of Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, Edward R. Murrow, Bob Woodward, Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw, have completely and utterly failed us.

Journalism has simply become an extension of the National Enquirer, a tabloid that used to be synonymous with housewives who would read it and watch soap opera's to unwind before getting back to running the house. Now, that tabloid is considered real news. TMZ, E! News, Yahoo! OMG, and even those considered respectable news outlets are choosing to lead with celebrity news (many of whom are now just famous for being famous) rather than actual issues affecting the world.

Children now aspire to be famous and have a reality show rather than achieve fame because of an accomplishment.

I give up, media. If you would like to regress and show a complete lack of priority, please by all means, suit yourself. But don't drag the few intelligent remaining people in this world with you.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Black Thursday

Don't be thrown off. I know Black Thursday could mean any random Thursday in Kim Kardashian's sex life, but I promise this has nothing to do with that vapid, callow fame-whore.

It is named as such because today, as they would say of the legendary Johnny Cash, I am "the man in black".

I understand that normally, wearing all black when the temperatures are going to reach the 90's is usually a bad idea, unless heavy sweating and possible heat stroke are your goal. However, I happen to reside in a wonderful air-conditioned office, where the thermostat is perpetually set to a comfortable 68 and my car also has this luxury. So, I'm fine and thought I'd share my fashion choice with you.

Oddly enough, this is my favorite outfit. I am wearing a black, slim-cut suit with with a black slim-cut shirt (Kenneth Cole, $45 at retailers). I know it seems like a lot of black, and it is, but you also have to remember the benefits of the color.

If you're light-skinned, it provides a good contrast. If you're darker, it gives a sleek look. It's a slimming color, so for those of you with a mild gut issue, black is your best friend and white is your foe. It is all at once both formal and casual. It's incredibly versatile. You can wear it to a funeral and be appropriately dressed, or a wedding and turn the heads of the bridesmaids (or Groomsmen).

I prefer black personally because of the versatility. I can wear this exact same outfit with or without a tie. Without and I'm ready to hit the town in Vegas. With and I'm good for a board meeting or fancy political event.

As far as the necktie goes, I went with a crosshatch patterned burnt Orange tie, because I am excited for fall to hurry and get here and also, well, because I can pull it off. (False bravado)

Again, the versatility is what I like the most, as I could literally have picked any color of tie and it would have worn well with this look. You can never go wrong with all-black. The same cannot be said for all-white unless you are at a White Party (look it up) or happen to be P. Diddy. Those are really your only exceptions.

Comment below!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Ahh Wednesday, the oft-referenced "Hump Day". Fun Fact: More babies are conceived on Wednesdays than any other day (Source: Kevin's Brain).

Anyways, today I am celebrating the middle of the week before the extended Labor Day Weekend by wearing jeans.

Traditionally, jeans are the staple of the anti-suit crowd. You can pair them with a t-shirt and and a pair of beat-up shoes and BAM! You suddenly shun authority and what society expects from you.

Well, those of us in that authoritative, societal expectation crowd have taken jeans back. Now, the right pair of denim is the perfect compliment to the traditional suit and tie.

When deciding what to wear, I felt as though bright colors were a must today, especially considering here in Downtown LA the temperature in the 90's. No need for suffocating dark fabrics. I decided that a red gingham button-up ($25 at Target) was an appropriate color choice as we are nearing the end of the summer as red is that perfect segue from summer to fall, a versatile hue that can be comfortably sported in either season. I went with a maroon tie ($25 at Express) to compliment the look.

Here, you'll notice the jeans. A dark rinse denim ($80 at Banana Republic) wears much better in the office than acid-washed or intentionally distressed patterns do. Save those styles for lounging at home. You want a form-fitting cut, but not too skinny, unless you work at Hot Topic. Otherwise, slim-fit jeans, such as those pictured, are a smart choice.

I complimented the outfit with a pair of brown loafers($45 at Kohls) as they are insanely comfortable and the color works well with the red and dark blue.

You can't tell in the picture, but I am also wearing a pair of argyle socks with the outfit. It's good to mix patterns and argyle is a versatile one, especially when worn in a seldom seen area like your socks.

Thoughts? Concerns? Something to add? Comment below!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1960's Sensibility

Yesterday, I posted my choice of suit for the day with the general fashion accoutrement's. Today, I opted for a slightly different style choice, but still one that I enjoy.

Today is something I like to call "Retro-Geek-Business Chic". It's a lot to swallow (that's what she said) I know, but it accurately describes the choice of attire.

First the suit, which is a single-breasted (I never wear double-breasted) dark grey, thinly pinstriped suit by Billy London UK ($300-700 at Department stores). The detail in the stitching (which is hard to ascertain through the pictures), gives it a 1960's upper-class business feel, while retaining a modern-retro style.

The tie is an earth tone cross-stitch pattern silk tie ($39.95 at Banana Republic). The earth tones provide a contrast, keeping this look from becoming too stuffy and conservative.

The glasses are from Chesterfield ($100-300) and are actually prescription. I wore them today instead of contacts to help complete the look. The style is the very popular dark-rimmed retro look and I specifically picked them because they have a more rectangular
feel than other types I have seen.
The pocket square, unlike yesterday's pocket square, is plain white and neatly folded. With this look, it's a smarter choice to go with a neutral and conservative square rather than a gaudy, colorful, messy type. It will distract from the look and make you seem ill put together.

Questions? Comments? Interjections?

Post them below in the comments section.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to Blogging: Fashion Edition

Well, it's been over a year since I last blogged. Let's see who is still paying attention (nobody, likely).

Inspired by my friend Kiki over at Diet Fashionista, I have decided to start keeping tabs on what I wear daily. I like to think of myself as a fashionable male (not the store in "Mall Rats") and think doling out some fashion advice along with a pictorial on what i'm currently wearing could be useful.

So, without further ado, here we go:

Full Body- I'm wearing a black, slim-cut suit with a blue shirt, maroon-polka-dotted tie with matching pocket square and black shoes.

I prefer the slimmer cut suit because it tends to give an updated, modern feel to the 1960's era skinnier suit trend. It also can silhouette your frame better than a boxy traditional suit would.

The suit is Dolce Vita ($100 - $500 at your local haberdashery). I only paid $105, but then took it to my tailor to have it perfected. I always encourage people to buy an inexpensive suit, and then spend the money to make sure it fits you perfectly. A good tailor can work wonders. I have most of my clothes tailored, including my button-up shirts and most pants (with the exception of jeans).

Pocket Square - The pocket square is an oft-overlooked detail of a man's suit. It's pretty incredible how much this one small detail can add to your overall look, especially when the color mixing is done correctly. This one is a silk, maroon polka-dotted square from Banana Republic ($13 at the outlet stores, $24 at other locations) .

Tie - The tie can make or break a suit. You can go bold or stay conservative, but if you don't wear it correctly, it's going to ruin the whole look. When adding it all together, I prefer to include a tie-clip. It's the kind of small detail that adds professionalism to your look without making it stuffy. However, a tie-clip is not necessary when you have picked out the right tie. This tie is a Maroon polka dotted silk tie from Banana Republic ($16 at the outlet, $39 at other locations).

Shoes - Shoes, including style and color, make a very important statement about a man. Are you sloppy? A neat-freak?  Stylish? Edgy? Conservative? Your shoes are likely going to reflect this fact to the world. Make sure you control what they say about you.

A lot of Men's Fashion experts are currently enamored with the wing-tip lace-up dress shoe. I am not. I prefer a sleek look, and the slip-on, square-toed shoes work perfectly in that regard. They look and feel sleek and sophisticated without being too clunky or uncomfortable.

These shoes are from Aldo ($85+ at Aldo Stores, less expensive elsewhere).

Watch - Watches are probably the most popular of all accessory items for men. We like to know what time it is, and, when we get caught staring at a woman's boobs, looking down at our watch can occassionally convince her we were merely in the act of moving our head in the downward motion to our watch.

It is good to sometimes color-coordinate your watch to accent your outfit. Browns and Blue's come to mind. However, if you're like me and wouldn't be caught dead (or alive) in an orange, red or green watch past the age of 10, then a good Black watch is an invaluable ally. I prefer a large watch face and a leather or rubber-like band. If you prefer a silver band, that also works while giving an element of luxury, however for me personally, I don't care for it. Stay away from gold. It looks gaudy and makes you seem much older than you are.

This watch is from Mossimo ($20-30 at Target).

Socks - One of my favorite, but most neglected, parts of a wardrobe is the socks. Usually, a guy will simply go and buy endless pairs of black socks. This is a mistake and exudes the fact that you are, in fact, boring.
Socks aren't widely seen too often, so this is an area with leeway. Mix it up. Wear different colors, change up your patterns, go bold. Want to wear pink socks with a conservative Washington DC-type suit? Go for it. Bright red while wearing a tan Summer suit? Why not? Socks are the one area that doesn't screw up a look simply because you decided to get crazy.

Something to add? A look you like or don't like? Tell me about it in the comments section.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wacky Wednesday: Wey-Ho!

Hello All,

I have returned fro some Wacky Wednesday video's. It's the middle of the week and we all need something to cheer us up or get us through. Here you go!

(Ultimate Party Girl)

(Coolest Grandpa Ever)

(Rebecca Black's Song interpreted through lip-reading)

(Most vicious Tornado ever)

(The Goose half-Marathon)

(This Week in Unnecessary Censorship)

Thursday, March 24, 2011



I'm so bad at the blog thing nowadays. Oh well, still not giving up.

I decided to write a blog today because i have recently entered into a temporary period of vegetarianism.

Now, before you start thinking I've become some granola-chomping hippie, it's merely for the health and fitness benefits. I'm trying to get in the best shape possible with out any kind of hindrance other than time. Finding time to lose weight when you work in the fast-paced and busy political world is difficult enough on it's own, let alone adding in shitty food and bad diet.

Thus far, I'm a week in and feeling good. I don't feel guilty after meals anymore and I'm discovering creative uses for vegetables (not like that, pervert. Lol).

I'd appreciate any and all low-fat, low-calorie vegetarian recipe's all of you may have to be shared with me. Really looking for new ideas.

In other news, my job is going extremely well. I've taken to it like a fish to water, which makes sense as my major in college was Political Science.

Also, I have two small trips planned in the coming months. One is a trip with Aimee to San Francisco in early April. We plan on watching my Dodgers play the hated Giants, which should be fun, as well as visiting landmarks including Alcatraz, where my Grandfather worked as a prison guard for a time.

After that, i'm doing a boy's trip to Vegas for my buddy Matt's birthday. I'll leave out any and alld etails of that trip. =)

Hope everyone is well!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New New New!

Hello Everyone!

So, this is my last week at work and it is a bittersweet time.

Quick Refresher:
I am the Head Grant Writer for a Non-Profit Organization that deals with homeless services. We provide emergency, supportive and essential services in addition to transitional and affordable permanent housing. I have enjoyed it here and have witnessed first-hand many of the amazing stories of some of our clients. 

On the one hand, I absolutely love what the organization does and as an integral part of that, I've been extremely satisfied with the results.

On the other hand, I feel as though my job has become stagnant and the Development Director does not make life any easier.

Because of the very few cons of the position, I would not be leaving were it not for the amazing opportunity which presented itself recently.

I was offered (and accepted) the position of Communications Aide for an elected member of the California State Assembly! I am now officially a political staffer for a newer Assembly Member who really has a genuine interest in the people she serves. I am excited and eager to take on this new challenge, and am very excited and thankful with the vertical direction my career has been taking.

Onward and upward!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wacky Wednesday Wha???

Hello again!

I'm back (again) from self-imposed exile. Self-imposed exile in the sense that i almost completely forgot about blogger.

But I'm back and ready to rock and/or roll.

On to the wackiness!

Groban Sings Kanye

Lipton Brisk Machete

James Van Der Beek: Asshole For Hire

I really want to see this movie!


In a similar, just as awesome, vein:

And of course, This Week in Unnecessary Censorship:

Have a great Wednesday!

Friday, December 10, 2010


I have been AWFUL about blogging and I apologize to the 1 or 1.5 of you who care.

I've been amazingly busy and haven't really had time to think of blogging, but hey, at least none of you left, right? =)

So, for my first post in a long time, i'm sharing my first youtube video with you.

Yes, the sound is way out of sync with the video.

Yes, the song is acapella.

And yes, I'm singing in Spanish.

But still, watch and let me know what you think. =)