Friday, December 10, 2010


I have been AWFUL about blogging and I apologize to the 1 or 1.5 of you who care.

I've been amazingly busy and haven't really had time to think of blogging, but hey, at least none of you left, right? =)

So, for my first post in a long time, i'm sharing my first youtube video with you.

Yes, the sound is way out of sync with the video.

Yes, the song is acapella.

And yes, I'm singing in Spanish.

But still, watch and let me know what you think. =)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

So, as I was driving to work this morning, I couldnt help but feel awesome!

The weather has changed from typical California warmth, to the 60 degree, clear and sunny weather that I love oh so much!

Despite there not being an enormous change in seasons, there are still noticeable differences. On some tree's, the leaves do, in fact, change color, which is great to see. The cold weather is a nice change too because, hey, who doesn't love wearing sweaters?

Anyways, another reason i'm in such a great mood is sports-related.

My Los Angeles Lakers are not only the 2-time defending NBA champions, but they are also 12-2, show very few, if any, weaknesses, happen to have the greatest player to ever step on a basketball court (Kobe Bryant), and absolutely annihilated the Golden State Warriors last night, another annoying team I don't like.

Granted, the Warriors are not exactly an elite NBA squad. Sure, a few college teams would probably beat them, but it was still nice for the Lakers to be up by 30 points at halftime and for Kobe and Pau Gasol to not have to play in the entire 4th quarter.

Great victory, boys! They are well on their way to a second 3-peat.

Outside of sports, I'm very excited for Thanksgiving this year, mainly because it means a 4-day weekend.

Hope everyone is well.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Political Rant

So I try not to do these very often on my blog anymore, but occasionally, it just comes out.

With the recent election results, I have come to the conclusion that Americans, as a whole, are not particularly intelligent nor do they possess any patience, at all.

The biggest issue? The economy of course.

Unemployment is high, jobs are few, and people are pissed. However, so few people actually understand how the economy works and what factors caused this terrible recession. Two years ago everyone was blaming George W. Bush. This year, it was all Barack Obama's fault. So what is the problem?

Let me give you a small history lesson.

After the Great Depression of the 30's, banks were regulated heavily by the government and the FDIC was created. The intention was to prevent such a catastrophe from ever occurring again, as well as to keep an eye on the banks and not let them become too powerful.

At the same time, in order to help fund all the incredible infrastructural projects going on in this country, the top-tier tax rate was set at 91% for the highest earners. In addition, large corporations paid a moderately high tax rate, but could enjoy tax breaks as they hired more employees.

At this point in American history, things were going pretty well. The infrastructure build-up led to the creation of a booming middle class. More social services were in place for the less fortunate to help keep them afloat, and, despite a 91% income tax rate, the top earners were living very well.

In the 1970's, however, things changed. Banking de-regulation began, allowing banks to now move into other states and charge the highest possible interest rates. The top earners in the country also began paying less in taxes, causing social services cuts.

In the 1980's, things got exponentially worse under Ronald Reagan, as Wall Street became a power player in Washington DC.

The 90's and 2000's, only served to completely de-regulate the banking system, leading to the housing and lending crash of 2008.

So why is it so hard to get back on our feet?

A few reasons:

Top Income-Tax Rate:
The current top tax rate is 37%, compared to 91% in the1950's and 60's. The government has tried to keep skeletal remains of the social programs that flourished back then, but with little in the way of revenue coming in, they are extremely hard to justify. Another enormous consequence is that when the tax rate for the super-rich is lower, the tax rates for the rest of us go much higher. Income tax, sales tax, etc, all go sky high because the rich are able to play on the fears of the stupid in order to benefit themselves.

Business Taxes:
This is an issue that pisses me off like no other. Huge corporations get enormous tax breaks by lobbying politicians and making generous campaign donations. Not only that, there have never been any penalties lobbied or even suggested for the businesses that move off-shore and take jobs with them, many of which have devastated entire cities. Yet, Americans still hold on to some vapid belief that if businesses pay less in taxes, they will save money and use it hire new employees, instead of what they actually spend it on, new jets, new houses, lavish vacations, enormous bonuses, etc.

Conservative Policy:
Call me a liberal homer all you want, conservative economic policy does not work! people are blinded into thinking that conservatives are great with budgets and practice frugality. There is a whole lot more to it than that. Conservatives implement something called "trickle-down" economics, wherein they believe that major tax breaks for huge corporate entities will eventually "trickle down" to consumers, resulting in lower cost of goods and increased hiring. This has never, ever worked.

If you have ever heard the old adage, "You need to spend money, to make money" it also applies to the government. When the government creates a new agency (like a government-run healthcare system), they not only create hundreds of thousands of jobs, they also force private enterprise to become more competitive. Government-run services don't depend on profit, they depend on tax dollars, which are not a problem when the top rate is high and businesses pay their fare share. When private enterprises respond to free government services with better prices than normal and, naturally, a better service than that offered by the government, their business tends to increase causing higher profits and more jobs, as the increased demand necessitates new hires. When you combine this theory with a plan to roll back bank de-regulation, making them accountable for their actions and severely limiting their reach and power, you strengthen the power of the consumer and strengthen the economy.

You're welcome, America.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Margarita

The Margarita, everyone's favorite drink when they're feeling a little south-of-the-border.

Of course, there are many different variations of the drink. Sometimes it's frozen, others it has a salted rim, however, I am focusing on the the true version of a margarita:On the rocks with lots of alcohol. You can go pour your Pixie Sticks into a bottle of tequila if that's what you're looking for.

The Margarita was conceived of in Mexico in the 1930's by a man local's referred to as "Barman Willie" which basically means Bartender Willie. He created the drink for a long time patron named Marguerite Henry, who was friends with the owner of Los Dos Republicas, the bar in question. The owner then had Willie create a drink and name it after her, thus creating a legend.

1.5 Ounces Aged Tequila (Tres Generaciones Silver is my choice)
1/2 Ounce Cointreau
1 Ounce Freshly Squeezed Lime
1/2 Ounce Simple Syrup
Lime Wedge

Shake Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and simple syrup in a shaker. Strain into a highball glass with ice. Garnish with the lime wedge. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wacky Wednesday: Chacarron

For those of you who can't pronounce the above word (Shaka-rone), it's this incredibly odd Reggaeton song from 4 years ago where the lyrics are essentially just gibberish. Clearly, the greatest song of all time and I'm sure Corky from "Life Goes On" would be proud.

On a side note, I'm back from my mini-vacation from blogger. =)


There's a special guest on this odd, odd video....

National Facebook Un-friend day, Pt 1:

National Facebook Un-friend day, Pt 2:

Cleveland's response to the Lebron James commercial:


This is awesome!

And of course, This Week in Unnecessary Censorship:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Manhattan

When it's all about class and feeling like royalty when you drink, the Manhattan is your best bet. One of six basic drinks listed in David A. Embury's classic The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, since World War II they are the traditional cocktail of merchant, yachting, and Coast Guard Auxiliary commodores.

The drink originated in the 1870's at New York's famous Manhattan Club. It was specifically invented for a banquet thrown by Winston Churchill's mother, Jennie Jerome, in honor of Presidential Candidate Samuel J. Tilden.

So successful was the banquet, that people began asking for the drink as "That Manhattan cocktail" elsewhere in the city.

My only caution with this drink: If you're not a Whiskey drinker, steer clear.

2 Ounces Rye Whiskey (Jamesons 1780, but you're going to drop $50 per bottle)
1/2 ounce Sweet Vermouth
2 Dashes Bitters
1 Cherry

Shake Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth and bitters in a shaker. Strain into a cocktail or martini glass. Garnish With cherry, Enjoy!

(A popular version of this drink is a Rob Roy, which is made with Scotch Whiskey instead of Rye.)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day: Voter's Guide

Hello All!

Today is Election Day and hopefully, all of you will get out and vote (unless you're Republican)!

As a service to the country, I am going to put together a mini voter's guide, not only for California, but nationwide.

Proposition 19: Legalizes Marijuana under CA Law.
This is a clear-cut Yes vote. Aside from eliminating a major weapon in the arsenal of sleazy drug dealers, Marijuana is a safer version of alcohol that is not nearly as addictive nor does it cause some of the negative tendencies in people that alcohol tends to bring out (ie: belligerence). In addition, the formation of new companies dealing with sales and distribution, along with the tax revenue, will be an enormous boost to the economy.

Proposition 20: Changes redistricting rights to a 14-member bi-partisan committee.
Another no-brainer. This makes gerrymandering obsolete and re-draws districts to more accurately represent the constituents.Vote Yes!

Proposition 21: $18 annual vehicle license fee to fund state parks.
This is a good idea. $18 a year to gain free admission to all state parks whenever you'd like, off-setting other funds being currently used to pay for parks and adding about $250 million to their budget. Vote yes.

Proposition 22: Prohibits state from borrowing funds used for transportation, redevelopment or local government projects.
Sounds good on paper, but when you really delve into it, could end up screwing over the schools and emergency services pretty badly. Not a bad proposition, but needs seasoning. Vote no.

Proposition 23: Suspends Air Pollution control law (AB 32) aimed at stopping Greenhouse emissions until unemployment is at 5.5% for 1 year.
Bad, bad idea. I understand the economy is still recovering, but compromising our health and the environment is not the way to go about it. Texas oil companies behind this one. Absolutely a No vote.

Proposition 24: Repeals recent legislation that allows big businesses to lower their tax liability.
If anyone needs to have their tax liability lowered, it's not big corporations. A Yes vote increases state tax revenue by about $1.3 Billion. Clear-cut Yes.

Proposition 25: Changes required votes to pass a state budget from 2/3 to a simple majority.
If you ever want a budget submitted on time, this is necessary. Vote Yes!

Proposition 26: Requires certain state and local fee's be approved by 2/3 vote.
Basically, this is gross polluters not wanting to pay for the damage they cause. Well-worded to throw people off, but ultimately a bad idea.

Proposition 27: Eliminates voter redistricting commission.
Eliminates Proposition 20.Obviously a no vote.


Governor: Jerry Brown vs. Meg Whitman
 Jerry Brown

Senate: Babara Boxer vs. Carly Fiorina
Barbara Boxer

Lt Governor: Gavin Newsom vs. Abel Maldonado
Gavin Newsom

Secretary of State: Debra Bowen vs. Damon Dunn
Debra Bowen

Controller: John Chiang
John Chiang

Treasurer: Bill Lockyer vs. Mimi Walters
Bill Lockyer

Attorney General: Kamala Harris vs. Steve Cooley
Kamala Harris


Make sure to vote against anyone affiliated with the Tea Party...Bunch of wackos.

And here's my argument for the Democrats:

In the past two years, there has been more progressive legislation passed than in any time since FDR was president. A depression was prevented, a health-care bill was passed that keeps health-care companies from dropping you when you have a serious illness, programs were put in place to fund green business and technology and an enormous part of the stimulus package is funding to completely overhaul and modernize the US infrastructure over the next 10 years.

Republicans had control for quite some time in the past decade and you all saw what happened. Now they're trying to say that the Dems and Obama are doing nothing. If they were doing nothing, do you think the GOP would have sop much hatred towards them? Nope. The fact that they're are pushing through so much progressive legislation is what's irking the GOP, and GOP gains in congress could halt the progress they've made.

Vote Dem this year and you will not regret it.

Monday, November 1, 2010


After an awesome weekend, I'm having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

I'll post a blog tomorrow.

In the meantime, to cheer up myself and anyone else who may need it, Zach Galifianakis:

Friday, October 29, 2010

Funny Picture Friday: This is Halloween...

Happy Friday! Very excited about not having work for the next two days...also, Halloween.

In honor of the holiday, A (Mostly) Halloween-related set of pictures....

(I'm sure this will be most of us, come Sunday)

(Stupidest woman ever)


(Very clever Dog costume)

(The Force is strong with this one)

(From the wonderful, a Cat that looks like Hitler)

(My senior year of college, the sexiest Wonder Woman ever)

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Long Island Iced Tea

So let's say you're out at a bar with some friends. You have a DD and have decided tonight is the night to get wasted drunk, but you'd also like some taste. Well my friend, you are in luck, as the perfect drink for you is on every bartenders list: The Long Island Iced Tea.

The Long Island was invented relatively recently, yet has gained in popularity. Conceived in the 1970's in Long Island, New York, as a refreshing summer drink that would fuck you up beyond recognition.

Mission Accomplished.

Of course, depending on your region, there are variations of the drink.

Down here, you can order a Long Beach Iced Tea wherein Cranberry Juice is substituted for soda. It gives it a more unique taste, and just as much alcohol.The perfect drink for when you don't know what you want, but you know you want to be drunk.

1/2 Ounce Vodka (Belvedere works best)
1/2 Ounce light Rum (Bacardi Silver)
1/2 Ounce Tequila (1800 mixes perfectly)
1/2 Ounce Triple Sec (Cointreau)
1/2 Ounce Gin (Seagram's is preferable for this)
1 Ounce Sour mix
Splash of Cola

Pour all ingredients into a tall glass of ice. Stir and enjoy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wacky Wednesday: It's Kind of a Funny Day...

Happy Wednesday!

For your viewing pleasure...

(Interview with an Idiot)

(Hannah Mantegna)

(I thought most women loved this)

(Hide Yo kids, Hide Yo Wife, Hide Yo...iPhone?)

(Luke Skywalker has OCD)

(Weathermen are perverts...)

(Coolest Video Ever!)

(And of course, Unnecessary Censorship)

Monday, October 25, 2010

If I were Dodger General Manager...or Ned's Assistant...

According to multiple reports, Frank McCourt is apparently now flush with TV ad revenue and says he's willing to spend money this off-season. Assuming he loses his divorce case, he will still retain control of the team for a couple of years thanks to the lengthy appeals process. Assuming that he is willing to spend some money (Though not Yankee money) to make this team a contender, I'm going to give an assessment of where I would spend it.

Let's start with the Dodger's position players:

Pos    No    Player    
 C       55      Martin (ARB)    
1B       7       Loney  (ARB)   

2B      13      Theriot (FA)  
3B      23      Blake      

SS      15      Furcal     

LF      30       Paul        
CF      27      Kemp     

RF      16      Ethier    

INF    14      Carroll   

C       17       Ellis         

C       28       Barajas (FA)       


There are a couple of problems here. First and foremost, Xavier Paul is not an everyday Left Fielder. However, he's also not expensive and is very solid in a back-up type of role. Theriot is a solid, if unspectacular 2nd Baseman and would come relatively cheap. Blake is no longer and everyday 3rd baseman and Russell Martin doesn't hit. Furcal is an MVP candidate when healthy, but he hasn't been healthy in 2 years.

Bright Spots
Andre Ethier is an all-star and is becoming a team leader. Matt Kemp, despite having a down year, still hit 28 Home Runs and drove in 89 RBI's. If he can put it all together, he's a potential MVP-type player. James Loney continues to hit well and many in the organization predict a power surge in the near future.

What Would Kevin Do?
It's time for Russell Martin to move on. He's still young and has high trade value, but is not working well in LA. re-signing Rod Barajas to platoon with AJ Ellis, who was great down the stretch last season, would more than make-up for Martin's departure while costing a fraction of his salary. Furcal is in his walk year and would not net much return, so there is no reason to get rid of him. Plus, Jamey Carroll is more than capable as a back-up, allowing Furcal to have more rest days. Theriot can be re-signed as well for 1-2 years until prospect David DeJesus is ready to step in.

On the Free Agent Market, although Carl Crawford is a top FA in the OF, the Dodgers need more power. Bringing back Jayson Werth or 2-3 year deal for Adam Dunn would add some much needed pop to the middle of the order, although Werth is expected to command a 5-6 year deal at between $10-13 million per year. Casey Blake is a great leader and clubhouse guy, and can still play, but not everyday. There is a mutual interest in returning Adrian Beltre to the Dodgers, who enjoyed a resurgent year and still has plenty of good years left. 4 years at $11-12 million would get it done.

Kevin's Re-tooled Roster       

C       28       Barajas
1B       7       Loney   

2B      13      Theriot  
3B      ???      Beltre     

SS      15      Furcal    
RF      ???     Werth/Dunn
CF      27      Kemp    
LF      16      Ethier   

INF    14      Carroll  
LF      30       Paul
3B      23      Blake
C       17       Ellis

We now move on to the Starting Pitching rotation:

Pos    No    Player

SP     22       Kershaw   
SP     58       Billingsley (ARB)
SP     29       Lilly           

SP     48       Ely            
SP     37       Monasterios

The Dodgers have only 3 proven starters on their current roster, and in a division with the Giants, Padres and Rockies, that's not going to work. Ely and Monasterios has some mild success, but ultimately need more seasoning or a change of direction. Vicente Padilla's inability to stay healthy means he won't be back.

Bright Spots
 Clayton Kershaw is officially a staff ace. He keeps getting better and better each year, and Chad Billingsley is finally past the mental mistakes that plagued him previously. Ted Lilly was incredible after being acquired and re-signing him was a great move to shore up the middle of the rotation.

What Would Kevin Do?
As I mentioned previously, Russ Martin is good trade bait, and Zach Greinke of the Royals is available. With the Yankees busy in pursuit of Cliff Lee, the Dodgers are primed to make an offer. Martin, John Ely and another prospect would more than likely get the deal done. As for the 5th starter, Monasterios should be the leading candidate heading into spring training.

Kevin's Re-tooled Roster
SP     22       Kershaw
SP     ???      Greinke  
SP     58       Billingsley
SP     29       Lilly                    
SP     37       Monasterios

And now, the bane of my existence, the bullpen:

Pos    No    Player
CL         51      Broxton

LHP       56      Kuo 
RHP      74      Jansen 
RHP      54      Belisario 
RHP      38      Troncoso 
RHP      50       Link 
RHP      59      Schlichting

Where do I even begin? Broxton was a mess in the 2nd half, Torre overused Troncoso, Belisario had too many personal issues to count, Cory Wade is still injured and the depth isn't there.

Bright Spots
Kuo was lights out all year long, Jansen came out of nowhere and dominated, Troncoso was solid before fatigue set in and Broxton's first half earned him a spot as the All-Star game closer.

What Would Kevin Do?
It's not hopeless, but this is where to hit Free Agency hard. Link and Schlichting need more seasoning and will be back in the minor's. Broxton will have an off-season to clear his head and the rest of the bullpen will get much needed rest, after consecutive extended seasons. Going after Scott Downs and Jose Contreras with a vengeance could probably net both. Relievers are seen as an after-thought in Free Agency but making them top priorities (while still going after OF and 3B needs) would put the Dodgers in the driver's seat. Joe Beimel

Kevin's Re-tooled Roster
CL         51      Broxton
LHP       56      Kuo  
RHP      74      Jansen 
RHP      54      Belisario 
RHP      38      Troncoso 
LHP       ??       Downs
RHP      ??       Contreras

Monday Madness: Baseball Playoffs

Had a fun weekend, though my hangover is just now starting to subside...

Sports-wise, we all know that for someone of my taste, it wasn't a good one. In baseball, the SF Giants (Literally my most hated team ever) beat the Philadelphia Phillies (another team I despise) to go to the World Series.

I'll give the Giants credit: they played very well, albeit against a much worse Phillies team than they had the past two years. As an unapologetic hater of all things Giants, i'm clearly not happy about this. Still, I have reason for hope and optimism.

1. They're playing a very good Texas Rangers squad, who boast the best postseason pitcher in baseball, Cliff Lee, and an offense that doesn't seem to have a weakness.

2. They're the Giants.

A little perspective: The Giants have literally won nothing since arriving in 'Frisco. A storied franchise while in New York, they won 5 World Series titles, the last one in 1954, however, since the move, they have lost in the World Series all 3 times they got there.

In 1962, they were beaten in Game 7 by the Yankees via a ridiculous Roger Maris catch.

In 1989, they were beaten by an amazing Oakland A's team, one of the best baseball squads I have ever seen.

In 2002, they were beaten by the Anaheim Angels, choking away a 3-2 series lead and a 7th inning, game 6 5-0 advantage.

SF Giants history tells me that they will take a series lead and screw it up, or that they will get swept, so here's hoping. It's a great feeling as a Dodger fan, to always be able to shut up Frisco fans with a little reminder that the LA Dodgers have 5 WS Titles, while the SF Giants, have zero.

A little extra motivation comes in the form of of one Bengie Molina, a Giants staple at catcher for the better part of this decade, he was traded away this season to make room for rookie catcher Buster Posey, although the trade was to...the Texas Rangers. As an integral  member of the 2002 Angels team that also beat the Giants, He may be a bit motivated to repeat past success.

However, if the Giants do end up coming through and winning the title, good for them. I'll give them their due despite my burning hatred. Regardless they have had a very good season and have benefited from brilliant trades by Brian Sabean this year after years of offensive futility.

Still, if I have to make a prediction, because of Cliff Lee and that offense, I'm saying Texas in 6.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee, a staple here in America, is the perfect after-dinner weekend drink. Not only will it sustain the buzz from your dinner drinks, but the caffeine helps to energize you for the night ahead.

In 1940's Ireland, the coffee was conceived by Irish Chef Joseph Sheridan after a group of American passengers disembarked from a Pan Am Flying Boat on a miserable winter evening in the 1940s. Sheridan added Whiskey to Warm the passengers. When the passengers asked if they were being served Brazilian Coffee, Sheridan remarked that they were drinking Irish Coffee and a cocktail was born.

The Irish Coffee is unique in the sense that there is no need for milk, sugar or whipped topping, as the cream liqueur does the job of all three.

1 and a half Ounces Irish Whiskey (Jameson is a favorite)
1/2 Ounce of Irish Cream (Bailey's, of course)
Coffee to fill (Use your own taste here. I prefer hazelnut)

Pour Whiskey into a coffee mug. Add coffee, top with Irish Cream and stir.For fancier occasions, a stout wine glass will do. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wacky Wednesday: The Rent is Too Damn High....

Happy Wednesday everyone.

It's especially happy for me because I get Friday off this week, so it feels more like Thursday.

Anyways, on to the videos!

Between Two Ferns...

I wish I lived in NY so I could vote for this guy....

Next big fad: People going to the Dentist to get high...

She's such a moron, but this is a catchy song.

For the 10-year old in me....

Our favorite candidate in Tennessee is back...

And of course, This Week in Unnecessary Censorship...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas....

Hello All.

So I'm trying to decide what my costume will be for this year, but am currently stumped. I usually try to go with funny, but I also wouldn't mind just an awesome looking costume.

Here are my current top three:

Jabba the Hutt

 King Leonidas

 Free Mammogram Machine

This would be a very cool costume as I am kind of a Star Wars nerd, but I'm not nearly fat enough. 

I've been wanting to be this character, but I don't want to use the fake body suit. Problem is, I'm about a month away from being able to pull this off with my own body. Stupid slow gym process...

Mammogram Machine
I can't think of any cons with this one.

Any ideas? Votes? Suggestions?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Malaise

I am so freaking tired.

But I'm off on Friday, so it's cool.

Some quick updates:

- I'm going to be moving pretty soon, so there might be a few days where there is no update in the coming weeks.

- I went to the USC Football game this past Saturday with my buddy Scott and had an awesome time. They were up 42-0 on Berkley at halftime, which was awesome because those Nor Cal fans like to talk shit (Sorry Bananas).

- The Chargers officially blow. That's all.

- Had a decent time at my college homecoming this weekend. Can't believe I graduated 5 freaking years ago!

Ok so now on to my mini-rant.

Here in California, we're in the midst of a Gubernatorial election cycle.The Governator is termed-out (thank god) and the man who I think would make possibly the greatest governor ever, Gavin Newsom, is only running for Lieutenant Governor. This leaves us with Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman.

Jerry Brown is a former Governor who is running again after being elected to nearly every office in California at some point. He's incredibly honest, even sometimes to his own detriment, and definitely a dying breed among politicians. He lives very modestly and is an advocate for the little guy, however, has a penchant for taxing in order to help pay for things.

Meg Whitman is the former CEO of eBay, which she makes sure to point out every 5 seconds as though that qualifies her for the highest office in the state. She keeps touting this amazing "plan" to balance the budget, which strangely resembles every other failed Republican economic plan ever.

Still, everyone, including Whitman herself, keeps pointing out that because she successfully ran a corporation, she will be able to do an amazing job as Governor. I'm not quite sure when this happened, but at some point people started assuming that if someone successfully runs a company, they will transfer that over to the political arena with the same results. Outside of Michael Bloomberg, it's absolute bullshit.

There's a reason that an MBA is different from an MPA (Masters in Public Administration). Politics and business are different in many ways, but i'll give you the key component: people.

A business needs people to operate, however, people can be let go or leave. A business chases a bottom line which makes the owners and top-level people richer. When a government operates in this fashion, you end up with recession, poverty and, eventually, revolution. A government can't just let people go, and in America, rarely are people leaving for a rival country. China isn't sitting there offering Americans a better salary or benefits to come to their country. When the top-level people in the country are becoming richer thanks to the government, everyone else tends to get poorer. A business model is not acceptable for a government.

As Governor, your primary duty is to make sure the people in your state have the opportunity to obtain gainful employment, and if not, are able to receive unemployment or other benefits until they return to the workforce, thereby preventing homelessness.

You have to care about people and work diligently towards improving their lot in life, not making money and getting richer. Until Meg Whitman and people like her understand this, her and those like her, will continue to fail.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Funny Picture Friday: Kevin Returns

Hi everyone.

I was out of the office Wednesday and Thursday because my organization held a large (and very successful) charity golf tournament. However, I am back now, and for your Friday enjoyment, here is Funny Picture Friday!

(I hope it wasn't supposed to be "Glenda")

(If you see someone drowning, Lol!!)

(Psshhh, soccer...)

(Aww that's cute! The snake is cuddling with lunch!)

(When the need to cuddle arises, anyone will do.)

(I'm not OK with the source of that "Maple Syrup")

(He's very excited about his Doppler)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday's Charity: Para Los Niños

In their own words.....

"Over the last 30 years, Para Los Niños has served some of the most vulnerable children and families in Los Angele and San Bernardino Counties. Founded on the premise of providing opportunities for children living in the depths of poverty, Para Los Niños aims to close the achievement gap by supporting thousands of at-risk children and their families with integrated, responsive and innovative educational and social services that will propel them on paths to succeed in life.

In October 1979, the Los Angeles Times published an article that galvanized a community. It was the first of many to spotlight the plight of children and families living in the depths of despair in Los Angeles’ inner cities. It spoke of children living in Skid Row, locked in hotel rooms or left alone to wander dangerous neighborhood streets, while their parents worked to survive. At that time, little attention was paid to these forgotten children. Few services and safe havens existed for these young boys and girls. Ninety percent did not attend school. 

Within a year of the article appearing in the Los Angeles Times, social worker Tanya Tull founded Para Los Niños. In 1980, the organization came to life in a former false eyelash factory where at-risk children, eager for a chance to learn, were offered a safe and nurturing environment filled with exploration, hope and opportunity.
Today, Para Los Niños continues to respond to the ever-growing and ever-changing needs of Southern California’s most challenging communities. The organization’s proven approach helps to build stronger, more stable families and brighter futures for children. 

Today, Para Los Niños continues to respond to the ever-growing and ever-changing needs of Southern California’s most challenging communities. The organization’s proven approach helps to build stronger, more stable families and brighter futures for children."

More Info:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Madness: Sports problems and my band

Well, not a lot of madness but plenty of unrequited sports anger.

First, USC loses to Stanford. Granted, Stanford is a far better team this year and was really supposed to destroy the Trojans according to most pundits. But the men of Troy hung tough and had the game won, until the Defense decided to stop playing and Stanford drove down the field to kick a last second Field Goal.

My anger subsided after I attended my Best Friend's 90's-themed birthday party that evening and the Kings beat Vancouver in a shootout (hockey).

As far as the party goes, I was dressed basically how I did in High School: Frosted tips, spiky hair, Red Quiksilver t-shirt, baggy corduroy pants and flip-flops. Quite a blast from the past. =)

On Sunday, I played in a softball game in the early afternoon (I went 3 for 4 with 2 doubles and scored 3 times) and got home just in time to watch the Chargers lose to the Raiders. I really need to start rooting for new teams. Patriots? Maybe the Bengals. I like them anyways. Oh well.

As far as the Chargers go, there is no excuse. That coaching staff is terrible. Sure they are decent at the X's and O's, but there is an element of being able to pump your team up, and they just don't do that. The Chargers come out flat every road game, signs of a deep problem. Tom Cable (coach of the raiders) may be only a step-up from early cavemen intellectually, but he pumps his team up and has them ready to play, unlike Norv Turner, who probably has the Chargers doing a team tea-time before each game.

Anyways, enough anger. Thanks to a person who attended my cover band's last show, I have a video (not a great one) to show you all. It's our 48th song of the night (out of 50) and we're a bit tired, but I think it sounds decent.

The song is "Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam. Enjoy.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Funny Picture Friday:

Happy Friday everyone.

Some pictures to brighten the day a bit.

It may be too hot for Sesame Street, but I love Katy Perry's cleavage.

Literally dropping the kids off at the pool...

Big Smashing Pumpkins fan I take it...

"If interested, contact  Jenna Jamison..."

I wonder about this guy's intentions....

I realize this status update would be pretty awesome, but I wonder if this guy has a problem... 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic, the old standby.

For years, Gin and Tonic has been the Gin lover’s go-to drink. Clean and refreshing, the Gin and Tonic is a staple of bars and speakeasy’s.

Invented by the army of the British East India Company in the mid-1800’s, the Gin and is associated with the warmer summer months and climates. Tonic water was chosen because of its health benefits at the time.
Tonic water contains quinine, which was used to prevent malaria. Because the tonic water used to prevent malaria back then was terribly bitter and strong, soldiers added Gin to give it a better taste, as Gin was flavored with Juniper. Today’s Tonic water contains less quinine and is also less bitter as it is often sweetened when sold to bars or the general public.

Despite not offering the same health benefits as it did when conceived, the Gin and Tonic remains popular.

2 Ounces Gin (I recommend Tanqueray)
Tonic to fill
Lime Wedge

Pour Gin over ice in a highball glass. Fill with tonic. Garnish with a lime wedge. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Happy Wednesday All.

Worst Tattoo Customer Ever:

It's the rage in all the clubs:

Well, it's true:

College Students have known this for years:

Study: Americans Get Majority Of Exercise While Drunk

Strangely enticing:

25 Years of not shutting the fuck up:

And of course, This Week in Unnecessary Censorship:


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday's Charity: People Assisting the Homeless

Back to our regular blogging schedule:

Today’s charity is called PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) and is an incredible and successful non-profit here in Los Angeles. In their own words:

It started off with a letter. A simple invitation to the West Los Angeles community printed on Westwood Presbyterian Church stationery, asking people to get together to discuss the growing problem of homelessness. There were no grandiose visions of a large social service agency, no thoughts of developing a model for services, not even the dream of ending homelessness. This group of conscientious and compassionate individuals just wanted to help the homeless people they saw in their neighborhoods.

“We realized that something had to be done because so many people were 'falling through the cracks,’” said Claire West Orr, the founder of PATH, and the wife of Rev. Charles Orr, pastor of Westwood Presbyterian Church. “From the very beginning we made two decisions--that people would truly be able to help themselves if we offered ‘A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out,” and we committed to being multi-denominational and community-based.”

And so, in 1984, PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) started with humble beginnings in a basement of a local Westwood church. The Westwood United Methodist Church donated a small office space, and St. Alban’s Episcopal Church hosted PATH’s emergency food and clothing program.

In 2004, PATH reached its twentieth year of existence. From a small program operating out of a church basement, PATH has now become a large regional agency serving over 1,800 people each month. The agency has developed a model of integrated services that communities from all over the state, the nation, and even internationally have looked to for replication.

“PATH’s colorful, eye-catching center, designed by renowned architect Jeffrey Kalban, is a great symbol of its transformation,” states Allan Kingston, CEO of Century Housing Corporation, and a trend-setting leader among L.A.’s non-profits. “The move from its old offices into the new PATH Regional Homeless Center was a metamorphosis from a small agency into a new, largest-in-the-state, active center that meets the needs of even more homeless individuals and families than ever with a comprehensive array of services. It's a great model for the community—and for the nation!”

States Joel John Roberts, “Imagine if more letters like the ones sent out by Claire West Orr over 20 years ago could be sent out to our community, encouraging people to gather together to address the societal issues that challenge this decade. Think of what we could accomplish.”

Friday, October 1, 2010

Funny Picture Friday: MIA

Sorry everyone!

At work, this week has been us moving to our new location, so there has been little-to-no internet and even less time to write.

Next week should be a return to normal.

I present something to make everyone's day a little bit better:

(Must be the City of Bell)

(Bad gift for your kids)

(That does seem to be their natural habitat)

(She LOVES the president apparently)

(I didn't realizer this was illegal now)

(Hey now, just because she's ass-ugly...)

(Of course she was...)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Madness: Dexter, Weather, Weekend

Happy Monday everybody.

For me, as well as anyone else in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, it's been a difficult weekend this week provides little relief. I'm referring, of course, to the weather.

Yes, it's Fall, which for some reason suddenly brought about 100+ degree weather. Literally. It's going to reach 101 at the fucking beach today! Stupid global warming or whatever is responsible for this.When this time of year rolls around, I want weather in 60's and 70's, not sweltering heat.

Anyways, aside from thanking Jesus/Allah/Buddha all weekend for Central Air, I relaxed, which I know is the cliche way of saying I was lazy and did jack-shit all weekend, but seriously, I did relax. I've been incredibly busy the past few weeks and have had little time to do little, so it was nice to just watch football, play PS3 and veg out (in-between trips to the gym of course).

This weekend also brought about the return of an obsession:


This is easily one of my favorite shows ever (next to Three's Company, Saved by the Bell and The Simpsons), and the premier episode of season 5 last night absolutely did not disappoint. Last season ended on an extremely down note, and that mood picked up right where it left off. It was incredibly sad to see the mood of every character just devastated, while Dexter is trying to deal with showing his feelings, something he has never been able to do, being almost robotic most of the time. I can already tell that this is going to be a great season. Sunday nights just got even better.

Have a great day and try to stay cool!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Funny Picture Friday

Yeah, I changed it, big whoop want to fight about it?

And now a collection of funny pictures:

(Well, that's one way of putting the fire out...)


(Oh no! Not again!)

(Coincidence? I think not)

(I like the deal, but it leaves Chicago thin at the Fish position)

(Radiohead singer Thom Yorke got a cat!)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Gimlet

Continuing with the theme of drinks you've probably never heard of, I present to you, the Gimlet.

The Gimlet is similar to a Gin and Tonic, only less likely to be ordered by an alcoholic.

Not to be confused with the less-tasty Vodka version, the Gimlet is named after the eponymous hand tool, used for drilling small holes. Created in 1928, it was named for its penetrating effect on those who order it.

Clean and refreshing, the Gimlet is a true Gin lovers drink, strong enough for a man, but tasty enough for a woman (or gay man).

The next time someone asks you to order them a Gin and Tonic, play it cool, and see if they want to try a Gimlet instead.

2 ounces Gin (I recommend Plymouth)
3/4 ounces Lime Juice
Lime Wedge

Shake Gin and Lime Juice with ice in a shaker. Strain over ice in an old-fashioned glass and garnish with lime wedge.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wacky Wednesday: Best Job Ever

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Now, I've often talked about how much I love my job, but I think I'd be willing to quit for the one in the first video.

God I hate Yoko Ono...

As is usually the case with hot chicks....

My Favorite comedian, Patton Oswalt, making fun of shitty cable access talk shows:

And of course, Uneccessary Censorship

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday's Charity: The Alliance for Children's Rights

Today's charity organization is one that is doing some amazing work in LA County. The Alliance for Children's Rights is protecting the rights and futures of abused and impoverished children. Through direct legal services, community education, and advocacy, The Alliance's diverse programs are not only serving the immediate needs of children and families, they are also helping to create systemic change that will protect the future of children for generations to come.

Founded in 1992, The Alliance has helped more than 80,000 children throughout Los Angeles County: children who are living in foster care, children with learning disabilities, children who need medical treatment or public benefits, and children in need of legal guardianship or adoption.

The amazing thing about this organization is that the founders are primarily lawyers but, contrary to many, these lawyers saw a terrible injustice and did something about it, rather than making money off of it.

Some of the programs include:

Foster Care Adoption
With the help of an army of dedicated pro bono attorneys, The Alliance completes nearly 1/3 of all foster care adoptions in L.A. The Alliance connects with the adoptive families as early as possible to identify any psychological, health, or educational needs of the child to avoid unnecessary delays in the adoption. The Adoption Day program, introduced by The Alliance and its partners in 1997, is the model for National Adoption Day, now celebrated in all 50 states.

Legal Guardianship 
Throughout Los Angeles, more than 300,000 children live with a relative or friend because their parents are unable or unwilling to care for them. Without a legal relationship, caregivers who are willing to be there for these kids are limited in their ability to protect and provide for them.
The Alliance helps caregivers become legal guardians of the children in their care so that they can take them to the doctor, enroll them in school and obtain financial assistance to better provide them a secure, stable life.
Health Care
Children in foster care or living in poverty face tremendous challenges and barriers accessing health care. The instability of their home lives and frequent placement changes make accessing consistent, quality medical care nearly impossible. The Alliance assists children facing Medi-CAL eligibility problems, treatment denials, and those unable to find medical or mental health providers.
Alliance staff also conduct trainings about the health care needs and rights of impoverished children for medical and social service providers as well as caregivers and group homes.
Other programs include Public Benefits, Special Education and Transitioning Youth, to name a few. If you have an interest in this organization, or others like it, go check out their website at

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Madness: Rallies I Can Get Behind

For the more politically minded among us, we are well aware of Glenn Beck's Rally to Restore (Honor? Tradition? Nazi Comparisons?) last month on the same historic day of MLK Jr.'s "I have a Dream" speech, essentially a "Fuck You" to the Civil Rights movement.

Anyone who knows me, is well aware of my disdain for Glenn Beck and basically everything for which he stands. He's a mouthpiece for extremists who offers little more than fear-based nonsense.

Predictably, the 200,00 or so people who attended the rally (collective IQ of 78) were exactly the types you would expect to attend a Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin rally: Badly misinformed, afraid of everything they don't see every day and, quite frankly, stupid.

Luckily, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, two of the most intelligent men in the country, are holding ralies of their own.

Jon Stewart is holding the "Rally to Restore Sanity", urging everyone to "Take it down a notch, America". Colbert is countering with his satirical "March to keep fear alive" because, as is custom, conservatives can't seem to function without constant fear.

Leave it to these two to take something completely ridiculous and make it awesome. Beck's rally had little to no meaning behind it and was highly confusing, and more than likely, just a publicity stunt.

Stewart and Colbert are trying to reach the population who is just completely annoyed by the popularization of idiocy and extremism in this country.

Were I in DC, I would absolutely attend, but, As Stewart so eloquently put it, "I have shit to do".

Have a great Monday everyone!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Freeform Friday: Funny Pictures

Happy Friday everyone. This week couldn't go by fast enough.

Anyways, since I don't feel much like writing a lot or going off on another tangent, I'll post some funny pictures. =)

I wonder if there are any tickets left...

I want to work here....
Thinking about posting these rules at home.

This is far more motivational for restaurant employees, I think.

Ending it on a classy note.

Have a great weekend everybody!!