Friday, September 10, 2010

Freeform Friday: The Cult of Celebrity

Has America's obsession with celebrities hit cult-like status?

Sadly, yes.

In no form is this fact more painstakingly obvious than with the success and celebrity of the cast of "Jersey Shore".

This "show", about a group of male and female drains on society, has become an enormous hit. Let that sink in for a second. A group of 20-something, selfish, unintelligent douchebags get paid millions (yes, millions) of dollars to party, tan and get into fights.

Are you fucking kidding me?

It literally makes me want to vomit.  These are the people that others actually aspire to be and want to watch all the time. I can't even watch MTV anymore because I want to throw my fucking TV at whoever runs the network.

You would hope that the tragic life of the amazingly stupid Anna Nicole Smith would set some sort of warning, if not to the idiot reality stars, then at least to the girls who aspire to be these idiots.


They still follow the likes of Paris Hilton, "The Situation", Lindsey Lohan and Spencer Pratt as though they are religious figures. It has become the sad reality in the world that being stupid, spoiled, and without any type of meaningful purpose is what we should all aspire to become.

If life were fair, the Executive Director of the organization I work for would be an enormous celebrity. He runs a very successful non-profit. His model of ending homelessness is being copied all over the country. He has raised millions (yes, millions) of dollars for charity to help the homeless, he's an active member of 6 different Boards for various charity organizations and he teaches a class on homelessness and gentrification in Orange County at a local university. Yet, he makes a fraction of what "The Situation" makes. Doesn't seem right does it?

We have become a celeb-obsessed culture while real issues are being ignored. I hear far too often from people who dish about celebrities as though they're close personal friends, that they have no interest in politics because "Politics is stupid". Thay actually say this.

There was a time, maybe 50 years ago, when the majority of the population could tell you far more about their political opinions than they could about celebs. Rather than talking about what club Bette Davis and Joan Crawford got into a fight at or who Mae West slept with last night, they talked about changes they wanted to see and did something about it. And they were successful!

Nowadays, I guarantee you at LEAST 75% of people aged 13 - 30 couldnt tell you who the 39th President was (It's Jimmy Carter).

It seems that people don't want to be intelligent. They're too pre-occupied with celebrity dating lives and clubbing habits.

I wouldn't be surprised if soon, in schools, we hear the following:

"Well kids, we have thirteen stripes to commemorate every season of the Jersey Shore. The red one's represent the seasons where Snooki got punched in the face and the white ones represent the seasons where the cast tried to claiom "GTL" as intellectual property.

And we have the 50 stars to recognize the number of foreign children Angelina Jolie adopted.

Let's recite the Pledge of Allegiance,

'I pledge allegiance, to TMZ, in the world wide web of the internet. And to the awesome deals, for which it spams, one nation, totally hot, with prada bags and Manolo's for all.'"

Do me a favor: Everyone try to learn something meaningful once a day. After a month, this celeb bullshit will become so laughable it won't even entertain you.

Rant over...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan.

The name alone makes you think of the girls from "Sex and the City" as the drink typifies single, successful women having a night out on the town (I'm assuming this is the basis of that show as I've never watched it).

For women, this drink signifies success. It shows that not only do you enjoy alcohol, but at the same time, you class it up with a mixer, drink from a fancy glass, and most likely will not give that guy staring at you across the bar, the time of day. It's a power drink that is able to maintain attractive femininity.

In guy culture, this may be the gayest drink you could ever order that is not named a "Pink Cadillac". However,  this is the old standby to order for someone when you're looking to "Seal the deal" so to speak. Showing that you're not afraid to order it, along with the fact that there is a pretty decent amount of alcohol in the drink, usually work as a 1-2 combination. culminating in the horizontal mambo.

1 Ounce Vodka
1/2 Ounce Triple Sec
1/2 Ounce Cranberry Juice
1/4 Ounce Lime Juice

Pour ingredients into a shaker half filled with ice. Shake Well. Strain into a martini glass.

For an extra kick, upgrade to premium vodka (Grey Goose works best with this drink) and Cointreau instead of Triple Sec. You'll thank me later.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wacky Wednesday: Stupidity

Hello All!

I'm pressed for time, so this will have to be fast, but luckily, it's Wacky Wednesday.

Time for some video pick-me-up's.

I love stupid people. As much as they can annoy and disturb me, I also enjoy that these people exist for our entertainment. Let's watch some.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Busy Busy Busy....

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Today is supposed to be my day in which I post about a charity i love, but I just have absolutely no time, seeing as how the charity I work for has me finishing a bunch of stuff in preparation for an event we're having this week. I'l get a post up tomorrow, based on the regular schedule, but today seems unlikely.

In the meantime, enjoy these videos of my best friend and I writing and performing songs about various episodes of Project Runway, Season 7.