Sunday, August 17, 2008

You call yourself Chinamen??

World Up In Arms Over Joke; Humor Taken Off Of Life-Support.


The Spanish Men's basketball team (in between burrito breaks) found time to pose for what has been deemed an offensive picture by retards.

This picture is highly offensive as the Spanish men are joking about being in China for the Olympics by pretending their eyes are slanted.

Wow, what a bunch of insensitive jerks.

Of course, they could have gone REALLY stereotypically Chinese and oppressed Tibet. Or maybe they could have rounded up members of the educated elite and executed them. They could have even caused tons of traffic accidents by not paying attention to anything around them while driving.

Humor is officially dead, which is sad because God is the greatest comedian ever, just ahead of George Carlin and Emperor Nero ( I hear he was hilarious).

As you all know, I hate lists (a list murdered my parents) but i'm going to set aside my differences for a minute and create a top 10 list of the greatest jokes ever created by god. (PS- There is a good chance someone will protest my blog after this.)

10. Asian driving ability.
9. Indigenous Americans' prove surprisingly easy to kill.
8. Hispanic people trying to speak english.
7. Indians monpolizing the .
6. White people dancing.
5. Fiscal Jews (redundancy alert).
4. Persian hygiene.
3. People who attend State fairs.
2. Fat girls' sanctuary (aka: Myspace).
1. Black people attempting to speak english.

Now, some people would find this list offensive. These people would be called sensitive.

There is still real racism going on in the world. There are places where black people will get beaten up and sometimes killed because of what they look like. The "Minutemen" down in San Diego consist of a bunch of racists looking to shoot Mexican immigrants crossing the border. Black Muslims are still some of the most racist people around regardless of the BS that comes out of Louis Farrahkan's mouth.

It's time to stop being so sensitive. I realize the various organizations out there have little else to do but attempt to misconstrue everything as some form of degradation, but the truth is, humor and racism are diametrically opposed when you look at the grand scheme.

Humor leaves behind a wife, 3 kids, 8 grandkids, a rabbi, a priest and a muslim cleric, all of whom walked in to a bar.


Keith said...

you forgot the 12 inch pianist.

Katie said...

finally! I feel like I spend most of my time munching on my tongue to keep from insulting someone. Loved this!