Monday, October 13, 2008

Richard Simmons and such and such....


When we go to the polls to exercise our constitutional rights this November (Voting, not bearing arms), everyone should look at Proposition 8 and breathe a collective sigh of relief.

It’s wonderful that we live in an era where the biggest, most pressing issue in the country is whether a group of people can label themselves as “married” or not.


I thought that major issues like the economy, war, poverty, governmental corruption and Richard Simmons would never go away, but turn on the TV and poof! Apparently our biggest fear is gay marriage…and oh yeah, the economy, war, poverty, corruption and an increasing media bias against Richard Simmons (that magnificent bastard).

It’s amazing to think that with the times we live in, a group of people would spend so much time, money and effort to oppress another group of people.

Have we learned nothing from the past? Oppression is tiring.

Now, I’m always hearing people give me their own cockamamie excuses against oppression. From “It’s morally wrong” to “Please give us back our freedom”, I hear the gamut of excuses daily.

Is it really going to hurt the economy to let the gay’s marry? Weddings are about as gay as a guy named Bruce in crotch-less leather chaps to begin with (Bruce, please stop sending me those pictures).

Whatever crazy nonsense you believe in, (catholic or non-catholic), keep the following in mind when making a decision: Richard Simmons can continue sweatin’ to the oldies with a bunch of land manatee’s, or he can sweat to the altar with his significant other, most importantly, in private.

Think about it.

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