Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not MIA Today. Tuesday's Charity: Women's and Children's Crisis Center

So before I begin, I'd like to apologize for posting literally nothing yesterday. It was a bad day, filled with more work than I care to do in a day. So again, my apologies.

Today's highlighted charity is located in Whittier, CA and deals with an issue far too common even in these progressive times.

The Women and Children Crisis Shelter (WCCS) is an emergency and transitional shelter for women and children who have been victimized by domestic violence. Often times, women will stay in these unhealthy relationships after being broken down physically and mentally. These victimized women feel there is nowhere else to turn and don't want to risk homelessness for their children, so they stay with the abuser and sacrifice themselves for the good of their children.

The mission of WCCS is to serve victims who request protection and assistance, by providing culturally relevant and supportive intervention services, by coordinating with other agencies working to improve the wellness of families, and by providing information for the prevention of intimate partner violence.

Though initially starting out 1977 as a crisis hotline, WCCS eventually grew into a walk-in emergency shelter and then began offering a transitional shelter as well, to aid in the process of ending abusive relationships.

 Often thought to be a thing of past generations, domestic abuse is still far too prevalent in society. Many cultures, including our own, view women as objects or possessions. Though it can be harmless (men ogling models, porn stars, etc), it can also be very dangerous for those who take it too far. Teaching domestic abuse prevention in schools would be a great to help end this problem as a whole, much in the way that children are now taught about the awful consequences of racism, a problem that has been seriously weakened and could be eradicated completely with education.

I implore everyone to do their part in stopping domestic abuse and utilize, and donate, to shelters like WCCS. Abuse is not just a problem for the individual, it's a problem for society.


Brittany said...

Great spotlight! I really love that you do this Kev! Its fantastic! :)))

bananas. said...

wow kevin...you're true man for this.

great charity, great cause and even greater purpose. let's stop the chris browns everywhere!

Supporter said...

I greatly appreciate that you choose to write about WCCS for today's weekly charity highlight. Providing widespread education, especially to children since they are our future, will only help us get one day closer to eradicating domestic violence. We are also seeing a rise in male adult victims...in both hetero and homosexual relationships. It's a terrible cycle and I just hope to one day see it end.

Thanks again Kev!