Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wacky Wednesday: Best Job Ever

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Now, I've often talked about how much I love my job, but I think I'd be willing to quit for the one in the first video.

God I hate Yoko Ono...

As is usually the case with hot chicks....

My Favorite comedian, Patton Oswalt, making fun of shitty cable access talk shows:

And of course, Uneccessary Censorship

Have a great Wednesday!


Brittany said...


B) She sounds like she's having a rediculously good orgasm!

C) HA! LMAO! bahahahaha! Stinky pee!

D)He is your favorite comedian?

E) LOOOVEEEE it! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

asj said...

the third one is INSANE bahahha! and I LOVE the last one!

Maritza said...