Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Madness: Baseball Playoffs

Had a fun weekend, though my hangover is just now starting to subside...

Sports-wise, we all know that for someone of my taste, it wasn't a good one. In baseball, the SF Giants (Literally my most hated team ever) beat the Philadelphia Phillies (another team I despise) to go to the World Series.

I'll give the Giants credit: they played very well, albeit against a much worse Phillies team than they had the past two years. As an unapologetic hater of all things Giants, i'm clearly not happy about this. Still, I have reason for hope and optimism.

1. They're playing a very good Texas Rangers squad, who boast the best postseason pitcher in baseball, Cliff Lee, and an offense that doesn't seem to have a weakness.

2. They're the Giants.

A little perspective: The Giants have literally won nothing since arriving in 'Frisco. A storied franchise while in New York, they won 5 World Series titles, the last one in 1954, however, since the move, they have lost in the World Series all 3 times they got there.

In 1962, they were beaten in Game 7 by the Yankees via a ridiculous Roger Maris catch.

In 1989, they were beaten by an amazing Oakland A's team, one of the best baseball squads I have ever seen.

In 2002, they were beaten by the Anaheim Angels, choking away a 3-2 series lead and a 7th inning, game 6 5-0 advantage.

SF Giants history tells me that they will take a series lead and screw it up, or that they will get swept, so here's hoping. It's a great feeling as a Dodger fan, to always be able to shut up Frisco fans with a little reminder that the LA Dodgers have 5 WS Titles, while the SF Giants, have zero.

A little extra motivation comes in the form of of one Bengie Molina, a Giants staple at catcher for the better part of this decade, he was traded away this season to make room for rookie catcher Buster Posey, although the trade was to...the Texas Rangers. As an integral  member of the 2002 Angels team that also beat the Giants, He may be a bit motivated to repeat past success.

However, if the Giants do end up coming through and winning the title, good for them. I'll give them their due despite my burning hatred. Regardless they have had a very good season and have benefited from brilliant trades by Brian Sabean this year after years of offensive futility.

Still, if I have to make a prediction, because of Cliff Lee and that offense, I'm saying Texas in 6.


bananas. said...

you know your any rival fan should! in fact you sound a lot like the hardcore A's fans we got over here...throwing out negatives before the series has begun!

but i have faith. they said they wouldn't beat the phillies...and they did.

i believe in the orange & black! but we will have to wait and see.

He & Me + 3 said...

I never knew you were such a baseball nut or FAN. That is so cool. We love baseball over here. In fact, Stunt Man is being a Detroit Tiger for Halloween this year. He is going to be so cute...if I do say so myself :) He cracks me up that he knows so much about the Tigers, the players & the game at such a young age.

I am just happy to not see the Yankees in it. :) Is that bad to say? Stunt Man always tells me "we hate the yankees" cracks me up how kids are influenced by their parents.
I think that Texas will win as well.