Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1960's Sensibility

Yesterday, I posted my choice of suit for the day with the general fashion accoutrement's. Today, I opted for a slightly different style choice, but still one that I enjoy.

Today is something I like to call "Retro-Geek-Business Chic". It's a lot to swallow (that's what she said) I know, but it accurately describes the choice of attire.

First the suit, which is a single-breasted (I never wear double-breasted) dark grey, thinly pinstriped suit by Billy London UK ($300-700 at Department stores). The detail in the stitching (which is hard to ascertain through the pictures), gives it a 1960's upper-class business feel, while retaining a modern-retro style.

The tie is an earth tone cross-stitch pattern silk tie ($39.95 at Banana Republic). The earth tones provide a contrast, keeping this look from becoming too stuffy and conservative.

The glasses are from Chesterfield ($100-300) and are actually prescription. I wore them today instead of contacts to help complete the look. The style is the very popular dark-rimmed retro look and I specifically picked them because they have a more rectangular
feel than other types I have seen.
The pocket square, unlike yesterday's pocket square, is plain white and neatly folded. With this look, it's a smarter choice to go with a neutral and conservative square rather than a gaudy, colorful, messy type. It will distract from the look and make you seem ill put together.

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