Thursday, August 30, 2012

Black Thursday

Don't be thrown off. I know Black Thursday could mean any random Thursday in Kim Kardashian's sex life, but I promise this has nothing to do with that vapid, callow fame-whore.

It is named as such because today, as they would say of the legendary Johnny Cash, I am "the man in black".

I understand that normally, wearing all black when the temperatures are going to reach the 90's is usually a bad idea, unless heavy sweating and possible heat stroke are your goal. However, I happen to reside in a wonderful air-conditioned office, where the thermostat is perpetually set to a comfortable 68 and my car also has this luxury. So, I'm fine and thought I'd share my fashion choice with you.

Oddly enough, this is my favorite outfit. I am wearing a black, slim-cut suit with with a black slim-cut shirt (Kenneth Cole, $45 at retailers). I know it seems like a lot of black, and it is, but you also have to remember the benefits of the color.

If you're light-skinned, it provides a good contrast. If you're darker, it gives a sleek look. It's a slimming color, so for those of you with a mild gut issue, black is your best friend and white is your foe. It is all at once both formal and casual. It's incredibly versatile. You can wear it to a funeral and be appropriately dressed, or a wedding and turn the heads of the bridesmaids (or Groomsmen).

I prefer black personally because of the versatility. I can wear this exact same outfit with or without a tie. Without and I'm ready to hit the town in Vegas. With and I'm good for a board meeting or fancy political event.

As far as the necktie goes, I went with a crosshatch patterned burnt Orange tie, because I am excited for fall to hurry and get here and also, well, because I can pull it off. (False bravado)

Again, the versatility is what I like the most, as I could literally have picked any color of tie and it would have worn well with this look. You can never go wrong with all-black. The same cannot be said for all-white unless you are at a White Party (look it up) or happen to be P. Diddy. Those are really your only exceptions.

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Keith said...

I wish I could walk into a store and just buy a suit, but I wear an uncommon size jacket so I have to either find it used, pay a whole lot for an ugly one because they make it in my size, or have it tailor made.