Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to Blogging: Fashion Edition

Well, it's been over a year since I last blogged. Let's see who is still paying attention (nobody, likely).

Inspired by my friend Kiki over at Diet Fashionista, I have decided to start keeping tabs on what I wear daily. I like to think of myself as a fashionable male (not the store in "Mall Rats") and think doling out some fashion advice along with a pictorial on what i'm currently wearing could be useful.

So, without further ado, here we go:

Full Body- I'm wearing a black, slim-cut suit with a blue shirt, maroon-polka-dotted tie with matching pocket square and black shoes.

I prefer the slimmer cut suit because it tends to give an updated, modern feel to the 1960's era skinnier suit trend. It also can silhouette your frame better than a boxy traditional suit would.

The suit is Dolce Vita ($100 - $500 at your local haberdashery). I only paid $105, but then took it to my tailor to have it perfected. I always encourage people to buy an inexpensive suit, and then spend the money to make sure it fits you perfectly. A good tailor can work wonders. I have most of my clothes tailored, including my button-up shirts and most pants (with the exception of jeans).

Pocket Square - The pocket square is an oft-overlooked detail of a man's suit. It's pretty incredible how much this one small detail can add to your overall look, especially when the color mixing is done correctly. This one is a silk, maroon polka-dotted square from Banana Republic ($13 at the outlet stores, $24 at other locations) .

Tie - The tie can make or break a suit. You can go bold or stay conservative, but if you don't wear it correctly, it's going to ruin the whole look. When adding it all together, I prefer to include a tie-clip. It's the kind of small detail that adds professionalism to your look without making it stuffy. However, a tie-clip is not necessary when you have picked out the right tie. This tie is a Maroon polka dotted silk tie from Banana Republic ($16 at the outlet, $39 at other locations).

Shoes - Shoes, including style and color, make a very important statement about a man. Are you sloppy? A neat-freak?  Stylish? Edgy? Conservative? Your shoes are likely going to reflect this fact to the world. Make sure you control what they say about you.

A lot of Men's Fashion experts are currently enamored with the wing-tip lace-up dress shoe. I am not. I prefer a sleek look, and the slip-on, square-toed shoes work perfectly in that regard. They look and feel sleek and sophisticated without being too clunky or uncomfortable.

These shoes are from Aldo ($85+ at Aldo Stores, less expensive elsewhere).

Watch - Watches are probably the most popular of all accessory items for men. We like to know what time it is, and, when we get caught staring at a woman's boobs, looking down at our watch can occassionally convince her we were merely in the act of moving our head in the downward motion to our watch.

It is good to sometimes color-coordinate your watch to accent your outfit. Browns and Blue's come to mind. However, if you're like me and wouldn't be caught dead (or alive) in an orange, red or green watch past the age of 10, then a good Black watch is an invaluable ally. I prefer a large watch face and a leather or rubber-like band. If you prefer a silver band, that also works while giving an element of luxury, however for me personally, I don't care for it. Stay away from gold. It looks gaudy and makes you seem much older than you are.

This watch is from Mossimo ($20-30 at Target).

Socks - One of my favorite, but most neglected, parts of a wardrobe is the socks. Usually, a guy will simply go and buy endless pairs of black socks. This is a mistake and exudes the fact that you are, in fact, boring.
Socks aren't widely seen too often, so this is an area with leeway. Mix it up. Wear different colors, change up your patterns, go bold. Want to wear pink socks with a conservative Washington DC-type suit? Go for it. Bright red while wearing a tan Summer suit? Why not? Socks are the one area that doesn't screw up a look simply because you decided to get crazy.

Something to add? A look you like or don't like? Tell me about it in the comments section.


Keith said...

I want to see a tie that could physically break a suit. that would be awesome.

Kevin Michael said...

haha dick! Lol

Smart Ass Sara said...

Can I just say I hate when people's socks don't match? It takes everything in me to not say something to them. I once saw a guy dressed up in a suit and have the balls to wear tube socks with black sneakers. So fucking wrong.

And don't get me started on men who wear no socks with shoes and pants. Hate.